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Merging List Items in QuickBooks

October 26, 2010

In most lists, you can combine two list items into one. For example, you may find that you’ve been using two customers (because of different spellings) when you really need only one on your Customers & Jobs list. You can merge list items in the Chart of Accounts, Item, Customers & Jobs, Vendor, Employee, and Other Names lists.

For the example if you have a vendor item named A-1 Construction and another vendor item named A-One Construction you can merge the two items by renaming A-One Construction to A-1 Construction. When you rename an item to something that already exists QuickBooks will automatically ask you if you want to merge the two accounts.

To merge items on a list:

1 From the Vendors menu, choose Vendor Center.

QuickBooks displays the Vendor Center.

2 Double-click the entry for A-One Construction.

QuickBooks displays the Edit Vendor window.

3 In the Vendor Name field, type A-1 Construction. (This is the vendor name you want to

merge with.)

4 Click OK.

QuickBooks asks if you would like to merge the names.

5 Click Yes.

QuickBooks merges the two names, and you now have only A-1 Construction in the

Vendor list.

6 Close the Vendor Center.

*Note – After you merge list items, you cannot separate them. When working in your own company file, we recommend that you back up your data before merging list items.

You cannot merge items on the Fixed Asset Item list. In addition, if you use assembly items in QuickBooks Premier Edition products, you cannot merge them with other assembly items or with any other type of item.


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